João Dinis

Coordenação, Divisão de Aceleração da Transição Urbana - Cascais Ambiente

João Dinis is a geographer with post-graduation studies on Geographic Information Systems and Sustainable Development Strategies which has been developing climate change action and sustainable development strategies for the city of Cascais through innovative approaches on spatial planning, technology and governance models. By managing the local strategy for climate change, partnerships and stakeholders are brought in multi-specialist and multi-institutional approach to help the definition of a comprehensive roadmap towards a resilient future.
This resulted in a frontrunning experience which led to the implementation of over 40 climate actions in the last 5 years, the development of monitoring and digital tools which help both citizens and risk related stakeholders, nature-based solutions which significantly contributed to the quality of life of citizens and also for smooth mobility solutions, governance models with established processes and a comprehensive set of communication tools aiming towards environmental awareness for all socio-demographic target audiences.
This integrated approach has also been leveraged by an extensive and broad experience in leading pilot cases for EU financed projects (Horizon 2020, EEA Grants and FP7) as well as Portuguese funding (Environmental Fund, POSEUR program) with over 10 financed projects in the last decade alone.