Joana Miranda

Braga Media Arts

Joana Miranda is a new media strategist and training expert, creative media producer and educator currently working as Executive Coordinator at Braga Media Arts [Unesco Creative City].

With a Social Communication degree, Joana has been active in the field of media and communication training on several institutions across various degree levels - since 1991. She further pursued her education enrolling in a Master in Communication and Culture at the University of Porto which led her to produce and mentor several documentary productions since then.

In 2004 she was hired by the University of Porto to create and lead the University’s Corporate TV that would distributed content across the whole campus. simultaneously, she created and started managing the associated media production team that would feed the Corporate TV.
Following the success of the Corporate TV and the media production demand, the University decided to engross and expand its production and the unit has now produced more than 1500 videos and diverse editorial media content .

This unit led to the launch of a multimedia content Portal -TVU- to host culture, science and knowledge content funded by a major Grant from the Portuguese Ministry of Science. The Portal has had more than 2 million visits so far and was awarded with the ZON Creativity in Multimedia Prize in 2009.

Within the scope of Joana’s activity at the University of Porto she has also been coordinating major groundbreaking training media programms for young/mid career journalists at Portuguese major media companies, namely LUSA (Portuguese's News Agency), Cofina Media (owning national audience leading titles, from daily and weekly newspapers to magazines).

Also, since 2007, Joana has been responsible for the coordination of the International Academic Video Festival U.Frame, a jointly organisation by the Universities of Porto (Portugal), Coruña (Spain), Austin (United States), Singapore, and Methodist University of S. Paulo (Brazil).

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