Carlos Pimenta

Former Member of the European Parliament

Carlos Pimenta is a Portuguese politician. With a degree in Chemical Engineering, he became known in the 1980s in the area of Environmentalism, having participated in the activities of GEOTA (Spatial Planning and Environment Study Group). He was elected by the PSD (Social Democratic Party) for the Setúbal City Council as member of the Assembly of the Republic in the 1985-1897 and 1987-1991 legislatures, having served as Secretary of State for the Environment in 1983-1983 and as Secretary of State for Fisheries in 1985 (IX and X Constitutional Governments). He was a member of the European Parliament, elected by the PSD in the 1987-1989, 1989-1994, and 1994-1999 legislatures, having worked in the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Protection.