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13 years of action

GreenFest, the largest sustainability event in Portugal, has been in existence for 13 years. Over this time we have collected stories, ideas, inspiration, innovation and friendships. We have gathered some of the best moments of this journey that we have taken together to build a more sustainable home, country and planet.

Below, we share the main highlights of the last editions and what you can expect from the upcoming events.

Our last event was hybrid and so will the next ones…

In 2020, the pandemic forced us to be even more creative. For the first time, we adopted the hybrid format, with in-person and virtual moments. We believe that this is the format of the present and the future, as it combines the best of “two worlds”: the physical, in which proximity is valued, and the digital, with a greater reach and a much smaller ecological footprint.

… our previous events were equally special

In 2019 and 2018, GreenFest happened in Carcavelos and Braga with very eclectic programs for both companies and families.

Sharing good practices is what moves us

Every year we try to gather in our event the best references within each theme linked to sustainability and we also seek to encourage and promote initiatives or brands that stand out in a positive way.

Featured talks

Check out some of the topics discussed

Over more than 12 editions, we have gathered some of the most urgent debates in the area of sustainability. Find below a selection of the lectures that we consider most relevant today.

Cities’ sustainability

Interview by Pedro Norton de Matos with Carlos Moedas and Carlo Ratti

WatchPlanetary sensibility, humans and virus pandemics

Lecture by Erik Huss

WatchPandemic challenges

Interview by Pedro Norton de Matos with Luísa Schmdit and Carlos Pimenta